Val Rendena cycle path: routes, points of interest and tips Val Rendena cycle path: routes, points of interest and tips


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Val Rendena cycle path: routes, points of interest and tips

The bike allows us to travel medium-large distances

Val Rendena cycle path: routes, points of interest and tips

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There are many ways to explore Val Rendena, starting from Madonna di Campiglio. The most scenic way is probably doing so by bicycle. The bike allows us to travel medium-large distances through different landscapes and ecosystems, moving from the Dolomites to flat valleys, through forests and waterfalls. This sport is suitable for everyone, because anyone can do it based on their abilities and training. The important thing is not to be in a hurry, taking our time and enjoying the perfect rhythm for our physical condition.

The route of the Val Rendena cycle path

With its unspoiled landscapes and pretty villages, Val Rendena is the ideal place to discover on two wheels. The entire valley is crossed by a cycle-pedestrian path, over 25 kilometres long, running along the river Sarca for most of its length. The part starts from Madonna di Campiglio, with a section shared between bikes and cars (the old road between Carisolo and Madonna di Campiglio), but the real cycle path starts in Carisolo. Once we reach the village of Carisolo, we can choose whether to cross the river and ride along the ring surrounding the town, heading towards Pinzolo, or continuing towards the villages of Spiazzo, Daré and Coltura.


Completing the cycle path takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes at average speed. Of course, this doesn’t take breaks along the way into account. If we are on holiday, the best idea is to take a full day for this experience, taking a packed lunch with us, or stopping at one of the traditional Trentino restaurants found all along the cycle path.


This pedestrian-cycle path is completely paved, mostly flat, and just with small climbs. If we travel from north to south (starting from Madonna di Campiglio) the uphill difference is only 15 meters. Instead, if we cycle in the opposite direction, the difference becomes 245 meters. Naturally, this excludes the descent from Madonna di Campiglio to Pinzolo, with approximately 750 meters downhill altitude difference.

Are you tired? Jump on the Bicibus

From June to September, the convenient Bicibus service runs through Val Rendena, connecting the Brenta Dolomites to Lake Garda. Specifically, we hop on line 1 to travel between Madonna di Campiglio and Carisolo; line 2 continues from there to Villa Rendena, Tione and Comano Terme.

Points of interest along the cycle path

Exploring Val Rendena by bike is the best way to appreciate its incredible beauty – that of nature, first of all. You’ll also love the small villages that you cross, with Alpine architecture, medieval churches and small museums showcasing customs and traditions. Do not miss the spectacular Nardis Falls near Carisolo, the fascinating frescoed church of San Vigilio in Pinzolo and the House of Culture in Caderzone Terme.

Bike rental in Madonna di Campiglio

If you don’t have a bicycle, in Madonna di Campiglio you can find everything you need for your excursion. It’s possible to rent traditional mountain bikes, if what you want is a simple multi-speed Shimano, or an e-bike, if we want to have that extra ‘push’! Downhill lovers will also find all the equipment they need to enjoy this reckless sport in total safety.

Our hotel has an agreement with the “Olimpionico Sports” mountain bike rental shop, offering our customers interesting discounts on all the equipment.

Activities for children in Val Rendena

Everyone who visits Val Rendena is sure to have fun, adults and children alike! Along the cycle path you’ll find many activities for them – including educational farms, playgrounds, a swimming pool and an ice rink. It’s really impossible to get bored!

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