Discovering the Val Genova waterfalls in Trentino Discovering the Val Genova waterfalls in Trentino


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Discovering the Val Genova waterfalls in Trentino

With beautiful waterfalls

Discovering the Val Genova waterfalls in Trentino

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Val di Genova is a valley of glacial origin in Trentino, with beautiful waterfalls – including the famous Nardis waterfall – as well as stunning landscapes that change at every turn of the road.

This is a part of Trentino that is very close to us – in fact, Val Genova is a side valley of Val Rendena. It is very rich in nature and we especially recommend visiting in summer, even with children!

Val Genova is one of the pearls of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park – what more can we add?

The Waterfalls Trail in Val Genova to Nardis Waterfall

The river Sarca runs along Val Genova – one of its springs originates in this beautiful valley. The river descends the length of the valley with spectacular waterfalls that can be seen from the trail, following the valley and deviating from the main road, where the shuttles stop.

The Waterfalls Trail starts from Carisolo (where the Geopark is) and reaches Rifugio Bedole (1830 m), 17 km away. With a short walk along the Waterfall Trail, you’ll be able to admire the Pedruc waterfall, the Casina Muta waterfall, as well as the Folgorida, Lares, and Casol Falls until you reach the majestic Nardis waterfall.

A spectacular 130-metre waterfall that you’ll remember forever. Don’t miss visiting this wonderful place!

In the nineteenth century, this valley was known as ‘Italy’s Versailles’ because of its many waterfalls and streams. The waterfalls originate from the Rio Nardis, which in turn has its source in the Presanella glacier (3558 m).

Hiking Val Genova

A walking path follows the river Sarca, running along the length of the whole valley. However, you shouldn’t think that the path is all downhill – the trail follows the shape of the mountain and also has some short uphill stretches before descending downstream. The hike is simple and varied, surrounded by nature and the relaxing rippling sound of cascading water. In the lower part of the trail you can find large meadows where you can sit for a picnic or just relax.

Malga Bedole is the starting point for trails to the famous Adamello glacier. These are technical excursions for which you have to be properly equipped.

Trail Route:

Easy trail suitable for everyone because it is very varied. The beauty of the valley makes it worth the visit – the path is surrounded by a fantastic pine forest and there are many different waterfalls, each offering diverse viewpoints and photo opportunities. You can walk along the entire length of the valley or opt for shorter stretches by choosing where you want to walk and taking the shuttle bus to cover the rest.

Trail start/end:

The valley is 17 km long, from Carisolo village to Rifugio Bedole. You can drive the first stretch up to Ponte Maria. Shuttle buses cover much of the valley, from Ponte Verde to Piana di Bedole.

It is advisable to get yourself to the last stop of the shuttle bus, and from there walk or take the shuttle downhill.

Technical data:

Elevation – Carisolo mt. 806 – Ponte Verde mt 900

Piana Bedole – Rifugio Bedole mt. 1584

Length of the path – 5/6 hours

The altitude difference is not negligible, but part of it can also be covered by shuttle bus, reducing walking time.


National park shuttle bus descending once a day from Madonna di Campiglio, or own car.


Even if you decide to take short walks and then use shuttle buses, you should always wear ‘mountain’ hiking boots, possibly high on the ankle, suitable ‘layered’ clothing to protect you from the cold, rain coat, hat, hiking poles.

A bottle of water and a bit of chocolate are useful to quench your thirst and get some energy!

Where to eat or rest

Along the valley you’ll find several mountain huts. Starting from the higher part of the valley: Rifugio Bedole, Rifugio Stella Alpina, Rifugio Fontana Bona, Chalet da Gino, Rifugio cascate Nardis.

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