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Via delle Bocchette

One of the most spectacular ways to discover the Brenta Dolomites

Via delle Bocchette

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Famous throughout the world ever since the SAT – Tridentine Alpinists Society inaugurated it in 1936, the Via delle Bocchette is still one of the most spectacular ways to discover the Brenta Dolomites.

This large network of sentieri attrezzati (paths with climbing aids) and via ferratas is among the largest and most articulated in the Alps, with stages reaching up to 3,000 meters above sea level. Almost all the trails are named after great mountaineers of the past (for example Vidi, Benini, Garbari, Brentari, Dallagiacoma, Detassis), to celebrate the tradition of the encounter between man and mountain.

You’ll be hiking surrounded by a lunar landscape, with very steep walls, ledges and terraces suspended in the void. The sky is so close you can almost touch it – this is a place where man and nature come together, unlike anywhere else on Earth.

The Via delle Bocchette is made up of several segments – the most famous are “Bocchette Centrali”, from the Bocca di Brenta (2,552 m) to Bocca dei Armi (2,749 m), with an overall ascent of about 300 meters; and the “Bocchette alte”, continuing up to Bocca di Tuckett (2.648 m), with an uphill difference of 420 meters if you start from the Alimonta mountain hut, and 750 meters from the Tuckett hut.

Bocchette Centrali

The first section, Bocchette Centrali, can be hiked in around 3.5 hours. The route winds through a succession of ladders between natural ledges carved into the rock. The environment all around is truly wild, with very exposed but well-equipped rocky ledges. The views all around are really hard to forget – on nice days, you can see all the way to the Marmolada and the nearby Campanile Basso.

Bocchette Alte

Once you reach Bocca dei Armi, the most expert mountaineers can continue along the path of the Bocchette Alte, a much more demanding trail, and with a journey time of around 6 hours. Here the Dolomitic environment becomes even more severe, so much so that it is often necessary to use crampons, to go up as well as down. However, the stunning views will make your efforts all worthwhile – the most memorable panorama is to the southeast, over Molveno lake and the Paganella peak, and to the west, over the Adamello – Presanella group.

Route characteristics

The itinerary is well equipped, with some very exposed sections.

Start and end of the route

Combining both Bocchette paths (Centrali and Alte), the route starts at Bocca di Brenta and ends at Bocca di Tuckett.


The overall altitude difference of Bocchette Centrali is 300 meters, that of Bocchette Alte is 420 meters.

Transport Info

From Madonna di Campiglio you can travel to the Vallesinella mountain hut car park by car (around 5 km of road in total).


Hiking boots, waterproof windbreaker, sun protection (glasses, sun cream, hat). In some sections, an ice axe and crampons may be required in case of snow and ice.

Refreshments and huts

The huts included in this route are Tommaso Pedrotti, Tuckett and Angelo Alimonta, all equipped for the overnight stay of the mountaineers in the summer. Find out more in our Excursions section.

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