What’s new on the slopes - Winter 2023/24 What’s new on the slopes - Winter 2023/24



What’s new on the slopes - Winter 2023/24

Let's see what’s new in the Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Skiarea.

What’s new on the slopes - Winter 2023/24

Cristina & Fausto

153 kilometers of ski slopes, perfectly connected to each other, all accessible with a single ski pass make the Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Skiarea the largest skiable area in Trentino, surrounded by the magnificent Dolomites.


In this winter wonderland, with bold and gentler descents, very high peaks and sunny refuges, every year you’ll find something new, so that skiers who choose to visit can be sure of experiencing the best of what our mountains have to offer. The 2023/2024 ski season is certainly no exception: let's see what’s new!


What's new on the Campiglio ski slopes for the 2023/2024 season


Last year, skiers were able to zip down the revamped Genziana slope, widened in its final stretch making it safer for the return to Folgarida Marilleva. The star of the past season was definitely Rifugio Boch, which was renovated, expanded and made even more beautiful by the combination of burnished steel, black granite and fir wood.


What about this year? The most awaited innovation is undoubtedly the complete restyling of Doss del Sabion. The historic 4-seater Prà Prodont – Doss del Sabion chairlift has been replaced with a new, fast and comfortable 10-seater cable car with a total number of 53 cabins, capable of covering the 1,634 meter-route (with 591 m positive elevation) in 4 minutes and 32 seconds.


The new cableway quickly connects the departure and arrival stations, both completely underground. The designer’s objective was to camouflage the two structures, in harmony with the surrounding natural environment - fossils found over the decades in the Dolomites are the inspiration for their design.

Once you arrive at Doss del Sabion, it will be possible to access the slopes directly, or reach the brand new Rifugio Doss del Sabion via escalators or with a comfortable lift. Serving hikers and skiers since the 1960s, the Rifugio has been expanded and made more functional, with the opening, among other things, of a bar with an unforgettable view of the Brenta Dolomites.

However, the most beautiful panorama is on the terrace, where the scenery extends from the Presanella to the Adamello, and on the clearest days you can even see Lake Idro glimmer in the distance.


Sustainability Objectives


The stations of the new cableway are built underground to protect the area. Rifugio Doss del Sabion was renovated to achieve greater energy efficiency, with insulation work, the replacement of windows and installation of a photovoltaic system.

These are just some of the examples of efforts towards ever greater sustainability undertaken on the ski slopes surrounding our hotel. The environmental certification obtained by Funivie Pinzolo Spa for the first time in 2004 has been renewed until 2023, with the same company working season after season to offset carbon dioxide emissions.


Skiing while respecting the environment is possible in Madonna di Campiglio. We’ll be waiting for you at Hotel Alpina, just 150 meters from the ski lifts!

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