4 tips to go snowboarding in Madonna di Campiglio 4 tips to go snowboarding in Madonna di Campiglio


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4 tips to go snowboarding in Madonna di Campiglio

Jumps, somersaults and freestyle descents

4 tips to go snowboarding in Madonna di Campiglio

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Jumps, somersaults and freestyle descents: snowboard means fun!

The “younger brother” of alpine skiing is very popular these days, attracting to Madonna di Campiglio thousands of fans looking for adrenaline surrounded by the Dolomites. In this post we would like to take you on a journey to discover our best snow parks and all the services for those who want to descend the slopes on a snowboard.

First of all, let’s see which areas are best equipped for snowboarding enthusiasts.

Snowparks in Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo: Ursus Snowpark and Doss del Sabion Brentapark

Zipping downhill on the slopes is certainly an adrenaline-filled experience but being able to do jumps and somersaults is even more so. In order to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of snowboarders, two SnowParks have been created in Madonna di Campiglio and surrounds: the famous Ursus Snowpark in Campiglio and the Brentapark of Pinzolo.

The first is in the Grostè area and with its 50,000 m² size it is considered one of the best snowboard parks in the entire Alpine area. The 40 structures extend from Rifugio Stoppani, 2,500 meters above sea level, to the lower part that includes a series of areas dedicated to jumps up as well as more complex structures for experts. The Grostè gondola lift and the Grostè Express chairlift serve the Ursus Snowpark, which opens in the morning until early afternoon (9.30 am-3.30 pm).

In the Pradalago area there’s Ursus Mini Park, a snow park for children!

It’s a completely child-friendly area, designed for those taking their first steps in the snow, including ski schools and beginners. Skilled snowboarders can tackle parabolic curves, sequential boxes and snow tunnels. To reach the Mini Park, just catch the Zeledria chairlift, the park is located uphill.

For those staying in Pinzolo the nearest solution is the Brentapark, near the Grual slope. This park is also fully equipped both for experts and beginners, with structures for jumps, rails and funboxes. Brentapark is open from 10.30 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

Just like for alpine skiing, there are many schools and courses you can sign up to if you want to learn the art of snowboarding.

Snowboard schools in Madonna di Campiglio

Almost all traditional ski schools also offer snowboarding courses of all levels, both for children and adults.

As Madonna di Campiglio is an established ski resort, you can count on an offer that exceeds 500 qualified ski instructors, completely at your disposal. Among the many schools there is Scuola Italiana Snowboard Professional, completely dedicated to this discipline, and Zebra, where the guests of Hotel Alpina enjoy special treatment, discounts and special offers.

Where to rent boards and snowboard equipment

If you want to learn how to snowboard without having to buy expensive equipment, or if you want to try the latest generation boards, we suggest you opt for equipment rental. At the beginning you will only need an entry level board, then once you decide that snowboarding is for you, you can choose between freestyle, freeride boards or even a hard board, like real champions.

If you’re right at the beginning of your snowboarding journey, and you have no idea what you need, here are some tips on what to wear!

What to wear for snowboarding?

Make sure you choose comfortable, layered clothing. The essential elements are a sweater, vest, trousers, jacket, gloves, glasses, warm socks, cap or helmet and a wool or fleece scarf. Since you will jump a lot, don’t forget to dress in ‘onion style’ (with layers to add or remove depending on your body temperature).

Well, now you have everything! Or maybe not… it will be a good idea to take a look at our skiing week in Trentino special offers. Staying at Hotel Alpina in Madonna di Campiglio, of course!

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