Sledding on the new Madonna di Campiglio toboggan slope Sledding on the new Madonna di Campiglio toboggan slope



Sledding on the new Madonna di Campiglio toboggan slope

Inaugurated in the 2017 winter season

Sledding on the new Madonna di Campiglio toboggan slope

Cristina & Fausto

The new Monte Spinale toboggan slope was opened in winter 2017, and it’s already very successful. We are not surprised – the slope is 2.5 kilometers long, allowing you to get down at full speed surrounded by wonderful landscapes!

From Monte Spinale, the slope crosses the area near Malga Fevri, travelling from 2,070 meters above sea level to 1,730 meters, the height of the chair lift station.

We tested it to share our experience with you, and give you some tips on how to make the most of it. Are you ready?

Zipping at full speed along the Monte Spinale toboggan slope

Ilenia, our guest and writer, shares her experience.

“We got up bright and early, and after a delicious breakfast at Hotel Alpina, we prepared our backpacks for the day. We only brought the bare minimum with us, got dressed in layers and descended from the centre of Madonna di Campiglio towards the frozen lake, and after a few minutes we reached the Monte Spinale cable car. We got a ski pass and two sleds for our day on the snow, to be collected at the cable car top station, we rented a helmet for our 4-year old child and we joined the queue for the gondola.

The sky was a bit cloudy, but some flashes of blue made us hopeful that the sun would come out, sooner or later. At the top station we immediately found the sled rental area, we showed our badge and after a few minutes we got our ‘vehicles’ – two sturdy wooden sleds, very different from the plastic bobsleds we are used to. Each one has a number, to allow for easy retrieval at the arrival of the return chairlift.

The start of the toboggan slope is marked with a sign, just below the Fiat Chalet. A sign shows how to drive the sled – even though it seems easy enough, we had a quick look, just to be sure. And off we went!

We fixed the helmet nice and tight on our little boy’s head, put our gloves on and left! The first part of the track was quite steep, surrounded by a completely white landscape, looking as if we were on the moon. Make sure you pay attention to the first turns – afterwards you’ll find yourselves along a short stretch where you need to walk. A few steps later, we started heading downhill again, this time surrounded by a dense forest, protected on the sides by wooden fences. This second stretch was definitely more hair rising, but we felt more confident and continued taking on more speed. Some of the turns under the trees were a bit icy – make sure you pay attention!

We felt very happy and satisfied as we got to the end of the toboggan slope – our little one kept smiling and saying how much he liked it. The toboggan slope was a great idea!

Did you like our story? Here are some useful information on the toboggan slope:

Opening hours

The slope is open every day from 10.00 to 15.30;

Where is the departure of the Spinale cable car?

The departure of the Spinale cable car is located just below the main square in Madonna di Campiglio, above the pond lake , about 3 minutes walk away.

How much is the ski pass?

The daily ski pass ranges from € 18.00 to € 21.00 (depending on the season) and includes a child ticket for free (remember the to bring ID). If you already have a weekly ski pass, you do not need to add anything. If you’re just heading to the toboggan slope for the day and want to save a little, the ‘4 hours’ formula could be enough. In this case, prices range from € 14.00 to € 17.00. The ski pass includes: 1 Round trip on the Spinale cable car, and unlimited travel (or for 4 hours, is this option was chosen) on the Spinale2 chairlift at the end of the toboggan slope.

Important things to know about the Monte Spinale toboggan slope:

– The incline of the toboggan slope varies from 12% to 18%;

– Sled rental costs € 7.00 (single rate). You can rent the sled at the downhill ticket office of the Spinale cable car, and collect it once you get to the top;

– If you do not have them, you can also rent helmet and sled shoes at Noleggio Des Alpes alongside the departure of the Spinale cable car;

– Private sleds: the use of wooden sleds and toboggans is allowed. Descent with bobsleds or plastic sleds is not permitted. In the village, shops do not have this type of wooden sleds, and recommend renting them directly at the cable car;

– During the weekends and during periods of high turnout, we recommend starting early to ensure your can find sleds available. They cannot be reserved and sometimes they run out already by mid-morning

– Helmets are mandatory for children up to 14 years old;


For more information, see the dedicated page on the Funivie Campiglio website

Phone number – Funivie Madonna di Campiglio: +39 0465 447744

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