The best Brenta Via Ferrata to be covered in one or more days

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The best Brenta Via Ferrata to be covered in one or more days

With its steep walls, towering peaks and breath-taking views, the Brenta Group has a great variety of paths, via ferrata and equipped routes for mountain enthusiasts to enjoy.

Perhaps the best known via ferrata in the entirety of the Dolomites is Sentiero delle Bocchette, divided into many segments, the most famous of which are called ‘Bocchette Centrali’ and ‘Bocchette Alte’. It is possible to reach up to about 800 metres altitude difference, and several hours are needed to cover these paths in full, reaching almost 3,000 meters above sea level on the highest point.

To cover all of them, it is necessary to stay overnight in the mountain huts all over the Brenta Dolomites. However, it is also possible to discover some of the individual segments as day trips from Madonna di Campiglio, with routes of different length and difficulty level. It is essential to remember that appropriate equipment is required, and the supervision of an expert mountain guide is highly recommended.

Day trips

There are many via ferratas that can be covered during day trips for those staying in Madonna di Campiglio. The three listed below can be enjoyed starting in the morning and returning in the evening. You can reach all these via ferratas comfortably with the Grosté cable car, active every day during the summer.

Sentiero Sosat

Departure Arrival Duration Level Altitude Difference
Rifugio Brentei Rifugio Tuckett 2,5 – 3 hours intermediate 350 metres


This via ferrata connects the Brentei mountain hut to the Tuckett mountain hut, and can be travelled in both directions. It extends between 2,200 and 2,540 meters above sea level, crossing the ledges of the Brenta Group on the eastern side.

Sentiero Alfredo Benini

Departure Arrival Duration Level Altitude Difference
Rifugio Grostè Rifugio Tuckett 3,5 hours intermediate 700 metres


This path runs across the peaks of the Grosté Group, and it is the northern extension of the Bocchette Alte path. It starts from Cima Grostè, passes the bottom of the Campanile dei Camosci and of the Campanile di Vallesinella, before crossing the Falkner and Sella peaks, to end at Bocca del Tuckett.

Sentiero G. Vidi

Departure Arrival Duration Level Altitude Difference
Passo del Grosté Passo del Grosté 5,5 hours easy 480 metres


This sentiero attrezzato (path equipped with climbing aids, easier than a via ferrata), starting and finishing at the Grosté pass, allows you to circle around the Orti della Regina, among the most scenic viewpoints of the Brenta Group, with many fossil rocks and rare alpine flower species.


Via ferrata to be done in two or more days

Now, let’s take a look at the more challenging routes, those that include one or two nights in mountain huts. There are many more options, with varying difficulty to meet the needs of (almost) every type of hiker.

Ettore Castiglioni

Departure Arrival Duration Level Altitude Difference
Rifugio Agostini Rifugio XII Apostoli 2,5 – 3 hours intermediate 450 metres


One of the best-known hikes in the Brenta Dolomites, this is the southernmost and easternmost via ferrata in the group. There is a long series of iron staircases, allowing you to climb to enjoy the views over Val d’Ambiez.

Ottone Brentari

Departure Arrivo Duration Level Altitude Difference
Rifugio Pedrotti Rifugio S.Agostini 2,5 – 3 hours easy – intermediate 450 metres


This via ferrata can be walked in both directions, but it offers the best views when using the Agostini mountain hut as a starting point. It has large sections where it’s possible to rest, making it suitable for less experienced hikers.

Bocchette Centrali

Departure Arrivo Duration Level Altitude Difference
Rifugio Alimonta Rifugio Pedrotti 3,5 hours intermediate 300 metres


The route of this via ferrata crosses a very wild environment, with very exposed but well-equipped rocky ledges. If the day is clear, you see all the way up to the Marmolada. One of the most scenic and interesting passages is the stretch at the base of the famous Campanile Basso.

Bocchette Alte

Departure Arrivo Duration Level Altitude Difference
Rifugio Tuckett Rifugio Alimonta 6 hours difficult 500 metres


This is probably the best known among the high altitude via ferrata in the Dolomites. It winds through a stunning moon-like environment, opening up to incredible views of Lake Molveno, Cima Paganella and Adamello-Presanella.

Sentiero Oliva Detassis

Departure Arrivo Durata Level Altitude Difference
Rifugio Alimonta o Rifugio Brentei Bocca Bassa Massodì 2,5 hours difficult 500 metri


This is a variant to a section of the Bocchette Alte, allowing you to reach the Bocca Bassa di Massodì and then reconnect with the main route. It presents challenging stretches, with possible snowfields even in late summer.

Felice Spellini

Departure Arrival Duration Level Altitude Difference
Rifugio Selvata Rifugio Alimonta 3,5 hours intermediate 1.020 metres


Opened in September 2010, it progresses upwards surrounded by breath-taking Dolomite views, touching the best-known spires of the Brenta Group. For experienced hikers, requires good training.

The high mountains offer unique emotions! If you like the idea of alternating via ferrata with trekking, you can also explore our section on hiking around Madonna di Campiglio.


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